"I do not think that means what you think it means"

Thinking it would simplify things, I decided to try to set up CiviCRM on my personal Mac (running 10.6.7, or Snow Leopard) so I could do some learning and testing before messing up the server. I did three searches: "OS X", "Mac", and "standalone".


Trying to search for "OS X" I learned that the search engine in the forums wants a minimum of three characters, but the search at the CiviCRM home doesn't mind. So on the home page I saw the following results (which includes items from the forum I couldn't find directly via the forum search):

2011: A CiviCRM Odyssey - Setting up CiviCRM for your organization with virtually no budget or experience.

My name is Tim and I am a board member for the Open Roads Bike Program (http://www.openroadsbike.org/), a Kalamazoo, Michigan youth development program, founded in 2009, that teaches social skills and bike mechanic skills to youth in our community. This program began as a one-time program created by my friend Ethan Alexander, funded by a grant from the Kalamazoo Community Foundation. For this our third year, the board has put together a plan to turn this great idea into a permanent, self-sustaining organization - with help from CiviCRM.