Sunday, April 26, 2015 - 21:27
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So this is the end of the second day of my second CiviCRM code sprint. I've had a very full and exciting time so far. It has been full of laughter, intense discussion and a lot of hard work. I must say the views here are incredible, this is simply a beautiful place to host a sprint.  This sprint is very much focused on new features which is much more fun than last year which was mostly about squashing bugs and testing code. There are alot of new features coming to an already solid product.
We have been divided into teams and my team is focused on improving the user interface widgets in CiviCRM. I  have been working on making the wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) editors abstract and more streamlined. Once I'm finished users will be able to add their choice of wysiwyg editor via an CiviCRM extension. My work also consists of getting wysiwyg editor code out of quickform and smarty templates. This is not a big deal to the normal user but any developer understands how much of a pain quickform and smarty templates can be to deal with. This will make any form page load much faster than in the past. There are even more exciting features coming out of this sprint so you should stay tuned for more blogs  from the 2015 CiviCRM sprint.
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