Tuesday, October 4, 2016 - 00:11
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The team is excited to announce release of CiviCRM 4.6.22 and 4.7.12.

Important Release Notes

The October 5th release for 4.7 includes a few changes :

Special Thanks

Community support and engagement is the force that sustains and drives CiviCRM forward. This release would not have been possible without the incredible contributions of many people. For the October 5th release, special thanks go to:

  • To all the developers who wrote or reviewed other improvements to this revision, including: Allen Shaw, Alia Hameed, Andrew Cormick Dockery, Bernardo Araujo, Bob Silvern, Brian Shaughnessy, Caleb Oki, Chris Burgess, code-wizard, Dan Brellis, Eileen McNaughton,Flávio Veloso, Frederic Guzman, Frank Gomez, ggargani, Jamie Mcclelland, Karin Gerritsen, Kevin Cristiano, Mark Burdett , Mattias Michaux, Nainesh Patel, Niels Heinemann, Pradeep Nayak, Ravi Sharma, Seamus Lee, Wahyu Kodar.
  • To all the members of the core development team, including: Coleman Watts, Jitendra Purohit, Monish Deb, Tim Otten, and Yashodha Chaku.

For a list of other contributors who have participated in the 4.7 cycle, see the previous release announcements.

What's New In CiviCRM 4.7

  • Administrator Status Page - Provides CiviCRM site administrators a single place to check configuration issues including cron status, permissions, optimal system settings, etc.
  • Dedupe improvements - Optimizes duplicate contact identification and merging for organizations with large numbers of duplicates.
  • Changes to WYIWYG editor - Incorporates the new CK Configurator directly in CiviCRM, allowing easy selection of plugins and themes.
  • Payment processing improvements - Thanks to Eileen for overhauling the payment system to be more reliable and to support token-based recurring payments as well as non-credit card payment methods.
  • Many useful improvements to contribution and activity reports.
  • API enhancements - the api now supports joins across related entities, and filtering by custom fields - Big thanks to johanv for this!

Along with this and other exciting new features, this release includes 50 fixes and minor improvements.

New Installations

If you are installing CiviCRM 4.7 from scratch, please use the corresponding automated installer instructions: users:: Prior to 4.7, CiviCRM forced to send out receipt emails regardless of configuration. From 4.7 onwards this will not happen and you should log into your interface and configure whether you want to send out receipts (in addition to those sent by CiviCRM).

Lybunt report users:: Some fields that were previously mandatory on Lybunt are now optional. On new reports they are on by default but you might need to check the fields you want are selected for existing reports.

Upgrading to 4.7

If your site is highly customized with special code or theming for CiviCRM you will want to upgrade a test copy first and test your customizations. For everyone else, follow these simple steps to get yourself up and running with 4.7.

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