Saturday, May 10, 2008 - 04:42
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We were already into some serious testing mode, when we started 3rd week of NZ Meetup. After deciding strategy for "CiviCRM Test Suite", we decided to split up into 3 groups. Dave and me started specking out few new features for CiviEvent, that would be part of CiviCRM v2.1 release. We shortlisted 3-4 features based on community request. But after some discussion with entire team, in our 2.1 roadmap we would address :

  • Date based discount for Events / Early bird pricing: (CRM-3088)
  • Register Multiple Participants During Online Event Registration: (CRM-3086)


While we were busy with Event enhancement, second group Lobo & Michal had a good session with cleaning CiviCRM codebase and moving towards next step of Componentization for CiviCRM. Our goal is to cleanup Component code from Core, so that it would be easier for the community to add their own components without much hacking into main Core codebase. I must say we made a significant progress in this area. Kurund was busy experimenting with dojo stuff and improvements for usability. He worked on Quick Search Block improvements: CRM-3054 and also helped us with Event enhancement issues. As we were running in the 3rd week of the meet up and while we were at it, we decided to knock down as many minor issues from 2.1 as possible. We all worked together (of course backed by India Team) to achieve this feat of slashing the issue queue from 100+ to under 60 (Jira) As we made significant progress in usability, optimization, testing and CiviEvent improvements, we also had lot brainstorming sessions as a part of our lunch discussions. Personally, it was quite a wonderful experience getting creative inputs / ideas from my geographically distributed team mates and start building on each other's ideas. After all, that's what open source is all about. Overall I had a wonderful time working with Dave, Michal, Lobo and Kurund in Nelson, Aotearoa.

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