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2009-07-07 01:16
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My name is Jamie and I'm a student of Physics with Philosophy at the University of Manchester. I used to work with a bunch of people on a community-based church website. Recently we've been employed by a Thai Boxing company to build a community-based website as the hub of the various things this company will try and achieve. (So yes, currently we don't work with non-profits!). Currently its just a CMS but the community side of things will come (hopefully)

With our team I want to slowly develop into a company to build an open-source community-driven website building package for churches. Currently I feel that most of the software currently on the market is aimed at building online brochures, rather then connecting real people (which seems obvious for people to do). Secondly most of the best stuff for churches is proprietary and costs money, which I think is pointless.

Until then our aim is to build good websites for company's cheaply by utilising open-source software. The flipside (especially as we're all students) is that our aim is to use the tasks and features that they pay us to build, to build back into the software which we're using. So hopefully we'll be around for a while. (One thing that upsets me is how many awesome open-source project ideas only have one developer, totally not taking advantage of collaboration which is what I think is particularly cool about open-source (not just that its free)

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