CiviCRM Developer / Advanced User Training in New Orleans: March 18th/19th, 2008

Wed, 02/20/2008 - 13:22
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After a lot of back and forth, we've finally settled on our first developer training session for 2008. The training is in New Orleans on March 18th and 19th before the NTen Conference. The exact venue is yet to be determined. If anyone is in New Orleans and can host us please let us know.

Click on the links to read more details on our first and second bootcamps. The camps were quite useful to everyone involved. We will continue our focus on keeping the camp material close to the code and focus on CiviCRM v2.1, specifically some of the open issues.

If you are an experienced CiviCRM developer and/or just started the migration to CiviCRM this camp is for you. We have space for a couple more people OR one more group (of 2-3 people). We have a very high student to developer ratio :) (1 developer for every 2-3 students). If you can make it for only one day, let us know and we could potentially structure something useful for that day.

Please get in touch with us (lobo at yahoo dot com) if this is of interest

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