CiviCRM Do-Ocracy Week

12th - 16th October 2020

CiviCRM Do-Ocracy Week

PS: We miss you Barcelona ❤

In light of the global situation, the community has decided to postpone this year's Community Summit. We will have instead a CiviCRM Do-ocracy week. For more information please read the blog post here.

The Community Summit 2020

We had such plans for 2020 with a UK-based summit in wonderful Devon. Then the world turned upside down and we've all struggled to maintain the energy we had and drive that energy into some kind of virtual event that would give the community the same experience as our Summit/Sprint events do every October. So we need to own up to something finally, the idea of a 2020 Community Summit is a dream.

Given the understandable hit to everybody's energy levels after lockdowns and pressures on businesses/charities as a result of the pandemic we're dropping our work towards a 2020 Community Summit. We appreciate this will be disappointing for many of us looking forward to this event from the minute the previous year's Summit is over.

Don't worry though we'll be looking to get a super-Summit organised in 2021 to make up for our "gap-year" and hey after a year's break we can all convince our employers that a trip to sunny New Zealand, San Francisco or a return to Barcelona is entirely reasonable right?

Mikey O'Toole
CiviCRM Ambassador & Community Council member

We're doing something different instead!

As many of us had booked the planned summit/sprint week off, and following a few discussions and meetings, we've decided to keep a week where we can get together virtually and work on CiviCRM projects/ideas:

  • Some pre-planned sessions for those who want to run them (which can be recorded and published!)
  • Drop-in coding/collaboration opportunities (many of us will be doing Civi (and non-Civi) related coding projects and can be online and chatting whilst coding).
  • Some projects that we'd like to get delivered during that week if we can, with opportunities to put any time you can offer towards these projects.

We're calling this the CiviCRM Do-ocracy Week and it will be a light-touch week of CiviCRM related coding efforts, documentation efforts, training and/or discussions. Hopefully we'll have many community members online during their timezones so you can drop in and discuss/help or just code your own projects/do your work whilst chatting with other community members.

This event is open to all, if you code, if you don't, if you've been working with CiviCRM for 50 years or 50 minutes. Anyone and everyone can make a contribution to our community regardless of skill, background or experience :-)

We've got an etherpad open gathering some early session/project ideas and we'll aim to add a little more structure to this and settle some of the questions that arise during next week. Find the Etherpad here:

(Please consider this a temporary solution, we may keep it or use GitLab (or something else!) to track session ideas.)