CKEditor 5

This adds ckeditor5 as a usable Wysiwig in CiviCRM. Ckeditor5 is being actively developed while CkEditor4 is in LTS stage so it
makes more sense to invest time in ckeditor5 than ckeditor4. However both have gaps.
Ckeditor5 is better than
ckeditor4 when it comes to inserting formatted text from word / google (note


This implements a simple firewall for CiviCRM that blocks by IP address in various scenarios.

This is currently a very simple automatic solution with no config and no configuration. It is expected that will change in the future.

Sequential credit notes

In some countries there is a requirement that organisations that are subject to audit have a sequential reference in CiviCRM for any contributions that are refunded.


This ensures that number is stored to the database for any contributions updated  to refunded. There is  a performance cost to this, hence it is being moved from core to an extension.