CiviCRM Extension


Adds new settings to determine if a priceset field value should be displayed for one-time donations, recurring or both.


This extension converts the donation recurrence checkbox option into radio buttons. This makes it easier to theme the form in a more aesthetic way, and also helps put more emphasize on the recurring donation options (which are otherwise easy to ignore). It also helps fix translation issues around recurring frequency units.

Membership Extra: restrict Signup and Renewal, Membership Include Exclude Search

This extension give multiple option to control membership renewal. For Fixed Membership type, you can set restrict
Renewal until Rollver date is over. For Rolling Membership type you can set day and unit for restrict membership renewal before end date.

You can restrict the Membership Type Signup/Renewal based on Group contact, If contact is not part of Group.

System tools

This extension provides 2 helpers for keeping on top of queries


1) Drupal only - it appends a commented string to any query that is run with the id of the user who ran the query (useful if a slow query is impacting the server & you want to find out what triggered it)


2) (all CMS) It adds an api to parse query logs to a csv of queries


MessageMedia SMS Extension

MessageMedia is Australia’s #1 SMS Provider. DevApp has built an SMS extension that integrates with CiviCRM, allowing you to use a secure message gateway where all SMS data is stored and processed in Australia. This requirement is essential for businesses and organisations that need to comply with the Australian Privacy Principles and not disclose data to overseas recipients and/or store data outside of Australia.


Monitoring extension from Coop Symbiotic, also used to deploy configuration fixes and some other maintenance helpers. Mostly used by Coop Symbiotic hosting clients, but also used by a few of our partners. The monitoring health checks are particularly useful (although they can trigger false positives in some cases, such as the Public Reports check).

Easy Copy

Easily copy contact record information (phone, email, address) to clipboard.

Referral Source

This extension allows modifying the contribution Source field based on the 'source' query string parameter, if such is provided in the URL for a contribution page.

For any contribution page, append &source=X to the URL. This will cause 'X' to be appended to the resulting contribution Source field value.

Developed by Joinery. Concept and initial sponsorship by Korlon.