CiviCRM Extension

Call Next Dashlet

Provides a "Call Next" Dashlet for the CiviCRM Dashboard and a Call Next Log Block for the Contact Layout Editor.

Group Administrators

Allows you to specify administrators who have access to groups and contacts within those groups.

Contacts will only be able to see groups for which they are administrators and the contacts in those groups.

Invoice Helper

Alters the "Email Invoice" form to add a few fields similar to other email forms (to, cc, subject with tokens, message templates), as well as generates payment links for pending contributions that can be copy-pasted from the View Contribution page.

Event ICS

Attaches Calendar ICS files to event confirmation emails.

Membership Renewal Report

Provides membership new and renewal statistics based on CiviCRM historical data (so you can also generate membership reports for previous years).

Silent User Registration

Adds a new CiviRule action "Add User to CMS", which allows you to silently add CMS users when conditions of your choosing are met.

Data Explorer

Data Explorer aims to provide an easy to use interface that can generate custom visualizations of CiviCRM data. The visualizations can then be added to the CiviCRM Dashboard, shared to external people without access to CiviCRM (using a secret key), or (eventually) as an HTML snippet that can be embedded in website content.