Custom Permission

The Custom Permission extension (com.agiliway.custompermission) is a CiviCRM component which implements CiviCRM orgstructure-based access control functionality for multi-unit hierarchically structured organizations. The extension supports permission allocation by roles and units.  

Refund Manager

Extension to manage partial or full refunds in CiviCRM through credit notes. Credit notes are nothing but -ve payments with a -ve invoice and a different invoice prefix.
The extension provides following support:
  • Provides "create credit note" option for all types of payments.
  • Supports multiple credit notes.
  • Supports and validates credit note creations or updates through FORMs or APIs, to make sure amount matches with that of original payment.


Elections ( is a CiviCRM extension which provides on-line election functionality (nominations and voting) to CiviCRM.

Using this extension you can run as many elections you want using your CiviCRM site. This extension also provides the unique ability to control who can participate in each election using CiviCRM Groups and CiviCRM Smart Groups. So you can run elections for country, regional, state-based or any criteria at all.

Google Analytics Event and E-Commerce Tracking

Web Tracking

This feature allows organizations to track traffic for their online event and contribution pages. The tracking reports provide organizations with valuable information like the number of visitors over a specific duration of time, the average amount of time visitors spend on their web page, the number of new visitors vs the number of returning visitors, the type of web browser used by their visitors, the origin/nationality of their customers and a lot more.

Event and E-Commerce Tracking

Image Resize

This extension adds image resize capability to CiviCRM for Contact and Custom Field images. The extension handles resizing of all types of images and will put the images into the cache directory.
Image style has to pass into url along with other url parameter.
This functionality can be integrate in to Drupal Views, WordPress Plugin to show civicrm contact, custom images with resize size and good quality to load web page faster as compared to original images.