This extension does nothing by itself but is required by a number of other extensions developed by MJW Consulting.  For example the stripe payment processor.


- Deduper screen - this is an angular screen that allows you to search for duplicates using nuanced criteria. You can dedupe from this screen.
This can be found under the contacts menu.
Dedupe screen
- api Merge.redo - undeletes a contact deleted by merge & re-merges - useful if contributions etc got added to the deleted contact.


Tournaments are a type of event. Participant roles include include players, coaches, parents and volunteers. For academic tournaments, organizations include schools and school districts. Registration includes housing, meals, and competitions. 

Mandrill (simple)

This is a simpler and therefore faster alternative to the MTE (Mandrill Transactional Email) extension, listed here as "Mandrill Email". Please see the README for full details of the differences between the extensions and why this one was created.

CASL Support

Provides some basic fields and functionality to assist with compliance for Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (or other similar legislation like CAN-SPAM).

These fields are for all contacts and track consent for communicating with them. Contacts that don't have consent (or where it's expired) will automatically have the no-bulk-email flag set. This extension was developed by PeaceWorks Technology Solutions.

Data Processor

With the data processor you can build complex queries easily in the user interface and display them as a search, api or export as CSV.

The data processor is an extension with which system administrator can do the following: