This Drupal-only extension has been superseded by an improved version which is CMS-independent (CiviCRM-native): CiviCRM activity iCalendar feed.  Please consider using that extension instead.

A path for existing Drupal installations to migrate to that extension is in the works.


This module allows users to get their CiviCRM assigned activities into their Google Calendar or similar calendaring applications, by providing a feed of each user's assigned activities in iCalendar format, ready to be subscribed to from with Google Calendar and/or Outlook.

Key fe​atures

  • General description: Users can access an iCal feed of their upcoming (future) Activities, suitable for subscription via Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and/or similar software
  • Activities are represented as VEVENT objects, matching applicable properties (DTSTART, DTEND based on duration, etc.) where possible and appending names of any other asignees to the DESCRIPTION property.
  • Feed includes activities of any type, including client-defined activity types.
  • Feed includes activities with a status of "Scheduled" or any client-defined activity status.
  • To conserve server resources, feeds are cached at a site-wide configurable interval (default 30 minutes).
  • A user's Activities feed shows all activities having that user assigned, even if other users are also assigned.
  • The user can easily determine the correct URL for the Activities feed by viewing the URL in CiviCRM.
  • URL includes a persistent random hash to limit other parties' attempts at guessing the URL and viewing the user's feed; this can be re-generated by the user in case, for example, the URL becomes known to the wrong people.
Allen Shaw
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