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Last updated: 2022-11-14

Works with CiviCRM 5.44 or higher.

This extension allows you to use of a common file format (.docx) for templates that integrate with CiviCRM workflows, including CiviCRM tokens.


Configuration options can be found at /civicrm/admin/civioffice/settings. These options allows administrators to configure CiviOffice document stores (locations where documents and templates are stored), document renderers (internal services responsible for the processing of documents) and live snippets (token-based approach to add dynamic content). Editor modules are a planned feature.


You can use CiviCRM tokens in your document templates. A page listing all the tokens available in your system can be found at /civicrm/civioffice/tokens.

The local document store can distinguish between private and shared documents. With the appropriate permissions, you can upload, download and delete document templates as .docx files.

You can create a new CiviOffice document based on you .docx template from the overview for a single contact or for multiple contacts from a contact search result.

CiviOffice also provides search actions in contribution, membership, participant, and case search results with different data available through tokens.

Integration with other extensions

  • integrate with de.systopia.donrec to create cover letters for donation receipts
  • integrate with de.systopia.mailbatch to send emails with personalized attachments (search result actions for contacts and contributions)


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