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Last updated: 2021-04-22

Works with CiviCRM 5.38 or higher.

- Deduper screen - this is an angular screen that allows you to search for duplicates using nuanced criteria. You can dedupe from this screen. (see screenshot below) This can be found under the contacts menu.
- api Merge.redo - undeletes a contact deleted by merge & re-merges - useful if contributions etc got added to the deleted contact.
- search tasks - adds a task to search to find duplicates for selected contacts
- contact task - adds an action to contact summary to find duplicates for the shown contact. We have
a rule we use with this called 'fishing net' which uses fields like 'state' & 'city' to cast a wider net.
These fields can't be used on large databases for a group dedupe for performance reasons but on a search
 for individual matches it works - e.g we probably have hundreds if not thousands of 'John Smith's in our database so if deduping
 a John Smith we want to compare him with contacts with the same first & last name and at least one
 address field in common.
- merge conflicts api - does anaylsis on current conflicted merges to look for patterns - this is pretty experimental
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