QuickBooks Online - CiviCRM Contribution and Contact synchronisation

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Last updated: 2024-04-19

Works with CiviCRM 5.38 or higher.

CiviCRM Extension which integrates CiviCRM with QuickBooks Online. CiviCRM Contacts and Contributions are pushed to your QuickBooks Online account, QuickBooks Invoices are pulled into CiviCRM, updating the Contribution status. Synchronise all things!

Please refer to our Github project page for more details.

Funding for this CiviCRM extension

Development and support for this Extension is funded solely by Agileware and CiviCRM community contributions. Agileware does not receive any funding at all for this Extension from the CiviCRM Partner program or CiviCRM LLC. Agileware welcome any funding to help continue paying Agileware staff to continue contributing to the CiviCRM community and Extensions.

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