Shoreditch on WordPress

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Last updated: 2023-02-23

Works with CiviCRM 5.49 or higher.

See also
  • The Island (theme) Bootstrap3 theme for CiviCRM, actively maintained Shoreditch fork that supports all CMS variants, including CiviCRM Standalone.

Unofficial extension to support the Shoreditch CiviCRM theme on WordPress.

2023-08-11 Update - Use The Island theme instead. It works out of the box (includes the features below).

It does mainly two things:

  • Adds a CSS class to the page 'body', to emulate how Drupal7 works.
  • Hides the WordPress sidebar when in CiviCRM. It re-appears when we click the CiviCRM logo, then "Hide CiviCRM menu". The motivation behind this is that while power-users might switch between CiviCRM & WordPress regularly, most CRM users stay in CiviCRM and usually prefer to avoid losing screen space (we can add an option to disable it, if this annoys you).

This extension is not a replacement for the Shoreditch extension. Both must be enabled.

Demo: (login: demo / demo123)

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