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2022-08-04 05:47
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CiviCRM version 5.52.0 is now out and ready to download. This is a regular monthly release. Upgrade now for the most stable CiviCRM experience:

Users of the CiviCRM Extended Security Releases (ESR) do not need to upgrade, as there are no ESR-specific bug-fixes or security issues at the moment. The current version of ESR is CiviCRM 5.51.x.

Change in system requirements: CiviCRM now requires MySQL 5.7+ or MariaDB 10.2+.

We are committed to keeping CiviCRM free and open, forever. We depend on your support to help make that happen. We thank all our partners, members and ESR subscribers, who are regular financial contributors. If you can, please donate.

What's new in CiviCRM 5.52

This version changes the database schema, has changes to the API, as well as the usual bugfixes and minor feature improvements.

  • User Interface: Improves user experience by removing some less frequently used menu items. This only impacts new installations (23831), On the Record Refund form, make it clear what "record refund" form does (23792)
  • Email: Start phasing out 'preferred_mail_format', ignores preferred_mail_format, sends both mail formats instead of just preferred (Work Towards dev/core#2866: 23856)
  • CiviCase: Filter case activities to only activity types in civicase, makes the activity search filter on manage case less unwieldy (dev/core#3709: 23937), Fixed fatal error on update multiple case (23853)
  • Message Template admin (a new core extension currently in development to replace the old screens): Enable another preview mode "HTML (Raw)", similar to the "HTML" preview, except it shows the raw HTML (with syntax highlighting) which may help debugging fiddly edits to the markup (23810), Add second currency example (23889)
  • SearchKit: Allow UFMatch to be used in SearchKit - this allows you to filter by eg. 'has a CMS account' (23723)
  • FormBuilder (afform): Allow picking icon for tab, add CrmUiIconPicker widget (23919), add support for the Grants entity (23899)
  • iCalendar (ics): fixes various utf8 encoding issues (dev/core#1541: 23638, 23855 and 23840), fix Outlook during Daylight Savings (dev/core#2887: 23808)
  • Api4: Enable exporting profiles with custom fields, makes profiles more portable when exporting configurations to extensions or dev/prod environments (23825)
  • For developers customizing CiviCRM: Add crmRegions to contact headers and associated inline forms (23419), AngularJS - Support popping up an afform or other ang module via ajax modal (23924), Calls hooks when deleting an option value from CustomOption (dev/core#3668: 23834), Call hook_civicrm_links hook to modify 'contribution payment links' (23790), CRM_Report_Form: set _from and _where as public for the alterReportVar hook (23912)
  • WordPress: Introduce "Permissions and Capabilities" metabox and functionality, so all CiviCRM permissions can be exposed as capabilities in WordPress via an optional custom role called "CiviCRM Admin" (279), Enable the 'notify' parameter for WordPress user creation (23879)
  • Drupal: Allow installing on Drupal 10 (73)
  • MySQL support: Update requirements to MySQL 5.7+ and MariaDB 10.2+ (dev/core#1681: 23615).
  • Hosting: Move the list of available extensions out of the filesystem and store it in SQL instead, reduces file permission problems (dev/core#3542: 23768)

Big thanks to Andie Hunt and Alice Frumin from AGH Strategies for putting up together release notes. If upgrading from a very old version of CiviCRM, see the version-specific upgrade tasks.

This release was developed by the following code authors:

AGH Strategies - Alice Frumin, Andie Hunt; Agileware - Francis Whittle, Justin Freeman; Benjamin W; Business and Code - Alain Benbassat; Christian Wach; Circle Interactive - Pradeep Nayak; CiviCoop - Klaas Eikelboom; CiviCRM - Coleman Watts, Tim Otten; Coop SymbioTIC - Mathieu Lutfy; Dave D; Davis Media Access - Darrick Servis; Freeform Solutions - Herb van den Dool; Fuzion - Luke Stewart; IProSoft; Jens Schuppe; JMA Consulting - Monish Deb, Seamus Lee; Megaphone Technology Consulting - Jon Goldberg; MJW Consulting - Matthew Wire; nathannaveen; Oxfam Germany - Thomas Schüttler; Wikimedia Foundation - Eileen

Most authors also reviewed code for this release; in addition, the following reviewers contributed their comments:

AGH Strategies - Chris Garaffa; Artful Robot - Rich Lott; Betty Dolfing; Blackfly Solutions - Alan Dixon; CiviCoop - Jaap Jansma; CiviDesk - Yashodha Chaku; DevApp - Adam Kwiatkowski; Fuzion - Peter Davis; iXiam - Luciano Spiegel; JMA Consulting - Joe Murray; Lighthouse Consulting and Design - Brian Shaughnessy; MC3 - Graham Mitchell; Nicol Wistreich; Squiffle Consulting Ltd - Aidan Saunders; Tadpole Collective - Kevin Cristiano; Third Sector Design - Kurund Jalmi.

What's next?

  • There will be a 3-day sprint for contributors in the centre of Manchester, UK. The sprint will take place from Monday 10th to Wednesday 12th of October 2022.

For more, subscribe to Eileen's dev-digest.

New Extensions

  • Alternative name search - Allows searching for names in any order. It also handles searching for duplicate names (where someone has been given the same name twice). By Rich Lott - Artful Robot
  • Revenue dashboard - Revenue dashboard report for CiviCRM showing MMR, LTV, churn etc. By Rich Lott - Artful Robot
  • Dear You - email tokens - Provides configurable tokens to handle "Dear Supporter" if the first name is missing (etc). By Rich Lott - Artful Robot
  • Preformat - Sets a predefined string format (i,.e. UPPERCASE, lowercase, Capitalize, etc), to Entities' string fields when this is saved or updated. By Luciano Spiegel - iXiam
  • CiviCRM Moodle integration - integrates CiviCRM and the Moodle online learning system. Users register and pay for courses in CiviCRM, and the registrations are pushed to Moodle for course enrolment. By Monish Deb, Edsel Lopez et al - JMA Consulting
  • Activity Type ACL - allows permissions to be set by user role to add, view, edit and delete Activities. By Monish Deb, Edsel Lopez et al - JMA Consulting
  • Inbound Email Activity - changes which contacts are referenced by Inbound Email activities to make them (arguably) more sensible than core CiviCRM's defaults. By Monish Deb - JMA Consulting
  • Airmail - Process Bulk CiviMail responses for a variety of SMTP Services including: Amazon SES, Elastic Email and Sendgrid. By Andie Hunt - AGH Strategies
  • Better Message Templates - Provides tools to help visualize, edit, and troubleshoot system workflow message templates. By konadave - Klangsoft LLC
  • Snapshot Groups - Combines the flexibility of Smart Groups with the utility of Static Groups. By Aidan Saunders - Squiffle Consulting Ltd
  • Click to Call - Click to Call extension for CiviCRM. By Monish Deb - JMA Consulting
  • Summernote - new lightweight (js+css: ~100Kb) WYSIWYG editor library, available as a drop-in replacement for CKEDitor4/5 in CiviCRM. By VangelisP - iXiam

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