CiviCRM is the leading open source CRM for nonprofit and civic sector organizations, powering over 9,000 sites worldwide. Built from the ground up specifically to address their needs, CiviCRM manages over 140 million contacts and over 88 million transactions.

Our Technology Partners are companies that seek to actively support the social impact created by the CiviCRM community by providing products and services that integrate with CiviCRM. This program provides technology partners exposure to the CiviCRM community through our website and through our communications. Annual fees support the core team of CiviCRM and help sustain the project for the thousands of organizations that are out there everyday working for positive change.

CiviCRM is more than an open source project; it’s a community formed to impact the world to create positive change. We invite you to be a part of this incredible project.

Technology Partner Benefits

  Supporting Sustaining
Annual Partner Fee (revenue share possible*) $5,000 $10,000
CiviCRM Visibility    
Listing in service provider Directory High Visibility Higher Visibility
Technology Partner Badge Yes Yes
Rotating logo on homepage No Yes
Newsletter welcome Yes Yes
CiviCon Visibility    
CiviCon Sponsor Discount 25% off sponsor rate 25% off sponsor rate
Passes to CiviCon 2x 4x
Logo on site and printed materials Large Larger
Social promotion Yes Yes
Newsletter mention Yes Yes

Benefits are designed to help expose your company to the community in a way that demonstrates your support for both open source as well as for the social good that is at the heart of CiviCRM. We are always open to improving technology partner benefits over time and value your feedback. When you’re a partner, you’re part of the community. CiviCRM listens!

CiviCon Sponsorship

CiviCon visibility benefits including discounts, logo display, promotion, etc. require financial sponsorship of the event and are not automatically included in the technology partner annual fee.

CiviCRM Ecosystem

The CiviCRM community is comprised of nonprofit and civic sector organizations, service providers, technology providers, a core team, volunteers, and open source enthusiasts, all working together to ensure that the vision of providing meaningful impact through open source software is realized. CiviCRM maintains active forums as well as discussions on popular social media tools including Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

  • 8,700 newsletter recipients
  • 2,200 twitter followers
  • 4,200 downloads per month (average)
  • 9,000 active sites Stats

Stats are based on 2014 analytics.

  • 43,556 users per month
  • 61,782 sessions per month
  • 69.78% new users, on average

Open Source Impact

CiviCRM currently manages over 140 million contacts worldwide and has powered over 88 million donations and event registrations. Nonprofit and civic sector organizations use CiviCRM because of its flexibility, its integration into the leading open source content management systems in the world, and a shared belief that through collaboration the world can change. Your support as a technology partner ensures that CiviCRM remains sustainable, free, and consistently improving such that its user base can continue to have a meaningful impact across a range of challenges.