Work with the Core Team

The core team is available to hire on projects that move CiviCRM forward.  We work on projects where the code is contributed back to CiviCRM and thus made freely available to our entire community.

If you need an improvement to CiviCRM (including bug fixes) then read on to find out about our paid issue queue and project support.

We only work on projects that have broad applicability within our community. If you are unsure about whether this applies to your project, get in contact and we’ll let you know. If we can’t help with your project, we'd be happy to forward your enquiry onto our list of partners who may be able to help.

We charge a flat rate of $185 per hour for all work, which is discounted to $135 per hour for members and partners. All work is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License.

Hiring the core team is only one way to get the improvements you need into CiviCRM. You may also choose to work with one of our many expert CiviCRM service providers instead.

Paid issue queue

The paid issue queue lets you hire the core team to work on smaller issues that are important to you. All issues are fixed in the next released version of CiviCRM. We don't fix issues in older versions of CiviCRM.

All issues submitted to the queue should be of interest to significant proportion of our user base. Read more about how the paid issue queue works and click here to submit an issue.

Project support

Many larger projects include a significant amount of work that can be contributed back to core CiviCRM  Working with the core team is one easy way for this work to get contributed back.

We prioritize projects that have broad appeal to the community and move the project forward significantly.

We work in partnership with service providers and also directly with end users.  We recommend that end users (especially those with smaller or less experienced internal development teams) work with an experienced partner to help cordinate work with the core team.

We typically deliver project support in two different ways:

  1. An annual retainer working on issues as and when they occur (for example usability improvements, performance enhancements, bug fixes, and so on). For example, the core team team worked with New York State Senate over a period of 3 years to enhance CiviCRM's performance with large data sets.  The Senate were running a large installation with 62 million contacts.  They had an internal development team of staff and worked in conjunction with Lighthouse Consulting and Design for support, who outsourced any issues that could go. This contract was worth approx $50k per year over three years.
  2. A fixed price contract for the delivery of specific functionality. This functionality may be delivered as an update to core or as an extension.  If delivered as an extension, our estimate includes upgrades of the extensions to keep it compatible with CiviCRM for a defined period (typically 2 years). For example , the core team worked with the Great Lakes Planetarium Association to develop back-office partial payments and price set editing for CiviEvent. This work cost $12,000 and was added to CiviCRM version 4.5. You can read more about the project in this blog post from Geoff Holt at the Great Lakes Planetarium Association.

Project support contracts from the core team are typically $10k and upwards. If you are interested in working with the core team in this way, please send an email to, and optionally outline your project as a child page of the Requirements and specifications page on our wiki.

Other partnerships

We are always open to discussing other ways in which we can partner together for the mutual benefit of your project and CiviCRM. Email us at to discuss.