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2022-06-17 07:29
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Update 30 June 2022: The council elections process has been put on hold until further notice because we were unable to attract enough nominations to run an election.

The Community Council was established by election in 2020, with the following mandate (excerpted from

"The Community Council will work with the Working Group leaders and Core Team to provide vision, strategy, and direction, which may include structural changes. The Community Council will act as a channel for the CiviCRM community to address concerns and conflicts, and provide decisions regarding the direction of CiviCRM as a project.

The Community Council is not expected to provide day-to-day management of individuals and their work. The Working Group leaders and Core Team will continue to work with autonomy in support of the goals and objectives defined by the Community Council.

The Community Council has within its mandate decisions such as the following, any or all of which it could delegate to Working Groups if it wishes:

  • Contribution to the development of an annual project budget
  • Stewardship of the project roadmap, defining near-term and long-term priorities and technical strategies
  • Establishment of Working Groups, and process of appointment for Working Group leaders
  • Definition of the parameters for Partnership, Membership, and similar programs
  • Exploration and development of revenue-generation models and programs
  • Development of a conflict resolution process

Note that since its establishment, the council has been reworking this definition, focussing more on being a body that stewards the community than on governance. Further details will be published soon at 

We missed having elections for the Community Council last year and had to regroup a bit to figure out how to run them again. You can see details about the process here and in the report of the Establishment Committee. 

Because we missed the first year of elections of half of the council, we will again elect 11 members, the 5 receiving the most votes for two years and the next 6 for one year. In the future elections will be held each summer for two year terms of 6 seats in odd numbered years and 5 in even numbered years (plus replacements for any members who have dropped off during the year). 

Please complete the simple nomination form:


Any person with an active account on (logged in within the past two years) may nominate themselves to the Council. Each candidate will have two other members vouch for them (seconders) and will prepare a statement (on the form) that will include their geographic location, involvement in the CiviCRM project, and what they hope to contribute to the council. 

Any person with an active account on (logged in within the last two years) will be on the voter's list. We will export a list of all active accounts on Jul 4, 2022 that will constitute the voter's list. Log in now if in doubt!

Due to the busyness of volunteers, our hope to use the CiviCRM election extension has not worked out and we will be using an external platform, OpaVote, to run the actual voting this year. We plan to email those eligible to vote with a registration link.

The Elections committee will monitor the Community channel in for questions and discussion. 

June 17announcement of process, including need to log in to and/or create account by July 4
June 24declaration of candidacy due
June 28seconders due
July 1candidate statements due
July 4user list exported from and imported into OpaVote
On or before July 8announcement of candidates
July 8election start
July 19, 23:59 UTCelection closed
July 20-21confirm with winners
July 22announce winners

Ensure you are eligible to vote:

  • Simply log in to your account at today (or by 3 July latest) to check your details are up-to-date and you’ll then be eligible to vote.
  • If you don’t yet have an account you can register one today. Note that it’s possible you have a mattermost ( or account but not a one: if you’re involved with the community in either of those places you’re encouraged to register an account at

Nominate yourself for election to the council

Know someone else who you’d like to see on the council?

  • Please get in touch to encourage them to nominate themself. The council will be most effective with a good balance of people on it, so do reach out.
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A bit thanks to all those who have 'manned the committee' to date

Too bad about not being able "to attract enough nominations". I was really looking forward to the election.