Community Council Election Results 2020

2020-04-02 08:28
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We are pleased to announce the results of the recent CiviCRM Community Council Election 2020.

The Council comprises 11 seats. Normally each council member will serve for 2 years but since this is the first annual election, half will serve for 1 year.

The following are elected for 2 years:

  • Alice Aguilar
  • Alison Barham
  • Detlev Sieber
  • Erik Hommel
  • Rose Lannigan

The following are elected for 1 year:

  • Andy Burns
  • Heather Oliver
  • Joe Murray
  • Michael O'Toole
  • Neil Planchon
  • Tricia Gbinigie

Many thanks to all those offering their services to the CiviCRM community by standing in this election, both those elected and those not.

CiviCRM Elections Team (Aidan Saunders, Joseph Lacey -


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