Looking back at the first Online MeetUp NL/BE

2020-10-07 01:50
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Usually we organise meetups on a nice location to see and meet people, who are interested in CiviCRM, in real life. But thanks to Corona that was not possible this time. So we organised our first Webinar: one for Dutch speaking people from the Netherlands and Belgium. Over 30 people signed up! More than we expected, and more than we usually welcome at our ‘normal’ meetups. Apparently, joining a webinar from behind your computer, able to log in whenever you want and join or leave a ‘room’ to address your interests, was what people liked and what made this webinar easily accessible. 

We were a little nervous beforehand since we had never organised an online event like this before, and hoped that the technique would not let us down. 

We used Google Meet for our virtual meeting rooms and after a brief welcome and introduction by Erik Brouwer in the Plenary room, the participants checked in in the various rooms where Betty Dolfing (Introduction to CiviCRM), Jaap Jansma en Klaas Eikelboom (Portal and CiviCRM) and Erik Hommel (CiviCRM Applied: a petition journey) did their presentations. All the time Erik B was available in the Plenary room to answer questions. That worked out great and people did not get lost on the way. 

The reactions of both participants and us as organisers were very positive. Definitely something we will do more often. We are already planning another Webinar on November 9th, this time for English speaking users. We’ll keep you informed! 


Sounds great! Looking forward to hearing more about your next event.