New CiviCRM Workgroup at MediaLab-Prado, Madrid

Yesterday was a great day for CiviCRM in Madrid. During the CiviDay, in Madrid, we announced the creation of a new CiviCRM working group that would start working the 11th February. We limited the number of participants to 25... and we had to close the inscription form fast because a lot of people was interested! Finally, we had our first meeting, and everybody was there. :-)

CiviCRM WorkGroup

What Being a Member of the CiviCRM Community Means to Me

I believe that you start taking advantage of CiviCRM when you start thinking that your needs are not only yours. At the CiviCRM Community, that's the general attitude. If one has a problem, one looks for a general solution that can also be useful to others. Everybody benefits from everybody’s contributions, inspiring philosophy, isn't it?

New Tool for CiviCRM Data Integration

The Need of Data Integration Tools

Lets say you have a CiviCRM database and you want to perform a massive change. For instance, lets say you have the names uppercase and you want to fix it. You may be tempted to execute a SQL query but you shouldn't. CiviCRM has a complex database where, when you modify a value, a lot of things are happening. If you modify the last name of a contact, the display name and addressee fields will be, probably, modified too and a new record will be added to the log history to keep track of who made the change and when.

The most important things I've learned during the Code Sprint


It may sound like a cliché but this Code Sprint gave me many more things than I expected. In Amnesty International (Spain), we started using CiviCRM only a few months ago. I am not an expert but we have a long way to run with CiviCRM. Before arriving, I thought it was going to be helpful and useful for me to spend some time coding. And so it was. But many more things happened.