40+ people in CiviCRM meetup, Taipei, Taiwan

We(NET Tuesday Taiwan) have a CiviCRM workshop since last August and had meetups for about 6-7 times. After Jimmy Huang came from CiviCon/Translation Sprint, we had a review meetup at 5/15 and gathered about 40 people from local NGOs. What's the next? Due to limited resource, I think we need have 2~3 successful local case studies and empower ourselves to better support local NGOS.


CiviCRM event in HK - call for support and participation

There will be an Asia Blogger Festival in HongKong during 6th~8th Nov. I propose a session about CiviCRM to introduce the NGO 2.0 concept and demostrate CiviCRM via in-depth case study. Unfortunately, it was accepted!! I would like to invite CiviCRM community to help us to make this session betrer. plz feel free to comment it. Thanks!! You can check their website and program at: http://www.blogfest.asia/ http://www.blogfest.asia/?page_id=3 The following is the abstract for this session:

Updates from CiviCRM Workshop in Taipei, Taiwan

Since our first meetup at 2009/08/15, we already met for 4 times and started to do case study by functions. And with many support from Dr. Lee of Dharma Drum University, Petra Lin of TechSoup Taiwan, Jimmy Huang of NETivism and Fu-Yuan Cheng(project coordinator), we are translating the CiviCRM Manual from FLOSS manuals. For more information about CiviCRM workshop Taipei, plz check: http://net2.netivism.tw/projects/civicrm-workshop(in Chinese)