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There will be an Asia Blogger Festival in HongKong during 6th~8th Nov. I propose a session about CiviCRM to introduce the NGO 2.0 concept and demostrate CiviCRM via in-depth case study. Unfortunately, it was accepted!! I would like to invite CiviCRM community to help us to make this session betrer. plz feel free to comment it. Thanks!! You can check their website and program at: The following is the abstract for this session:

NGO 2.0 – building the social web for social change

NGO 2.0 - an introduction (40mins) Everything is online. Everything is online and 2.0. But how NGOs in all-scale could leverage the inner power of 2.0? Following recent four years discussions about NGO 2.0, we will go thru the foundations of Web 2.0 and promote the openness, standardization and sociality for NGO 2.0. CiviCRM - case study (40mins) CiviCRM is an constituent relationship management solution, designed specifically to meet the needs of advocacy, non-profit and non-governmental groups. CiviCRM gives you the tools to connect and activate your supporters, including online fundraising and donor management, event registration and participant tracking, membership management, personalized email blasts and newsletters. We will provide in-depth case study to demonstrate the benefits NGO could get via CiviCRM. Group Discussion (40mins) We will have two group discussions lead by Richard Chui & Charles Chuang with different focus on CiviCRM implementation and NGO with social web/open source.
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the official announcement about CiviCRM event in HK is at:
BlogFest.Asia - Workshop: NGO 2.0

share some photos in HK: Charles Chuang & Richard Chui Dragon Hung & French Alumni Association photos from Charles Mok: