Calling all Civi PCP Organizations

2014-12-08 03:17
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Hello Civi Community

I would like to make contact with fellow charities using PCP Pages to learn more about the functionality and how it is used within charities. Looking to develop an online fundraising platform for individuals, teams and organisations using PCP's with some custom development to manage fundraiasing events and in memoery/tribute pages at LLR. 

Would love to hear from both end user organizations and developers on this front.

Thanks y'all



Hi Chris.  I would like to connect to discuss PCPs as well.  I am with a nonprofit that uses them, and I would like to explore ways to improve them and their functionalty.  How can you be reached?

Hi Chris,

I have a client ( that uses PCPs with the "pcp teams" extension ( so that people can create a team or solo fundraising page for their big annual campaign. Many of the teams are schools, and students of that school create their own individual page that is part of their school's team, so that they can set their own individual fundraising goal, which feeds into the school's goal.

Where we hit limitations: participants need a way to enter amounts collected "offline", such as cash or cheques, which are then mailed to the organisation. We worked around it by providing a plain Drupal "webform" in which they can enter "un-confirmed" amouts of money which is added to their total.

Where we didn't go, but would like to eventually: it would be nice if the "tell a friend" feature would allow to track which "friend" donated, which didn't (so that you can sollicitate them again). It would also be nice to expose an interface to track "thank you" messages. Currently we send team members an email notification when they receive a donation, and it's up to them to follow-up on the donation.

Our work was inspired by the FPWR Fundraising Plarform and we have a blog post about PCP teams here, although admittedly, it lacks screenschots and more detailed walkthrough.

Mathieu (mathieu @

I see that I am a bit 'late to the party' but I am also with a nonprofit that uses PCPs a fair amount. I'd love to stay in contact with some other groups that work with them and are looking to improve their functionalty!