Sparkpost extension released: send 100,000 email/month free of charge!

2016-04-07 22:12
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The Mandrill email sending service, which a lot of CiviCRM sites were using as a cheap and reliable way to send emails, recently announced major changes in their operations and pricing structure that will certainly make it a lot less attractive to CiviCRM site owners.

But Sparkpost, another major email sending platform, stepped up to the plate in order to attract Mandrill customers and announced plans that include up to 100,000 free emails per month, which will be in effect for the life of the account. Clearly a very attactive offer, specifically as SparkPost is an email delivery service created by Message Systems, one of the leaders in (MTA) platforms designed for sending and receiving large volumes of email.

So ... if you have not yet created an account with Sparkpost, do it now. We don't know how long this 100,000 free emails/month for the life of the account offer will last!

And now that you have a Sparkpost account ... the only thing missing is now an easy to configure CiviCRM extension that allows sending both CiviMail and transactional emails through the SparkPost service. Well, you're in luck today, it's just been released!

Head over to and READ THE DOCUMENTATION to get started.

Development of this extension was fully self-funded by Cividesk. Please support our effort so we can maintain and continue to improve this extension over time.

Happy sending to all!

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