Sprint to the...well...it’s never finished. But progress always!

2017-05-25 16:39
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Following what was a successful annual gathering for CiviCRM community at CiviCON St. Louis, the traditional Sprint commenced boasting 35 in attendance including participants from New Zealand, UK, Canada, and folks from all over the US from the east to west coasts. The Sprint is an annual opportunity for the CiviCRM community to come together and work on developing the CiviCRM software in a context that allows face-to-face interaction as opposed to the usual remote work and conversations.

During the Sprint, a number of groups are created to work on different topics such as coding, marketing and documentation for the software.

This year, the Sprint took place at the same time as the end user and developer trainings which provided a nice opportunity to co-mingle during meals and social times so people in training could meet the developers and they could also see what the Sprint was like.

Cividesk was a Gold Sponsor of CiviCON this year, an enthusiastic continuation of our annual support of this Open Source community. From there, Cividesk was proud to have two representatives who contributed to the Sprint as well. Nicolas Ganivet was on the coding track for web tests for new releases of CiviCRM. When there are changes to the software, there need to be tests to ensure that everything works the way it’s supposed to such as Unit Tests to test a specific function of the software and individual pieces of code. They also conducted End to End tests which simulate the user in front of the browser and how the button clicks operate. This tests the interactions between multiple pieces of the code. Also on this team was Joseph Lacey. The hope following these efforts is that the new releases will go off without a hitch!

Steve Kessler, also representing Cividesk, worked in the documentation group with two other participants. Steve focused on cataloging how to do documentation. Examples of the progress can be seen here and here.

Thanks to all who contributed to yet another successful software Sprint for CiviCRM!


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