It's a nice day for a white menu...

2018-12-06 11:20
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It's a nice day to... LEEEEExIIIIIIIM!

Billy Idol gets it, now you can too. The CiviCRM menubar is getting a major revamp, LExIM style* - the new menubar extension is now ready for beta testing, and once that's complete, it will be ported into the next release of CiviCRM. But why wait, you can get all the new goodies right now by installing the beta extension (requires CiviCRM v5.8+). It gives you a lot more than keyboard control, in fact it's a complete overhaul of the CiviCRM menubar with all the modern features users expect:

New Features:

  • Configurable menubar positions.
  • Quickly switch positioning beneath the CMS menu or replacing it.
  • Lighter color scheme.
  • Keyboard accessiblity.
  • Mobile first design.
  • Seamlessly integrates with Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla admin themes.
  • Client-side api for further extension & integration.

Beta Testing Needed

If you try out the extension, please report back how it worked for you to help us ensure it's ready for prime time.

*LExIM stands for "Leap by Extension, Iterate by Month" and it's how major new features are introduced to CiviCRM.

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Great work all involved!  I've been using this menu for a few months on all my sites and the latest changes enhance it further!  A warning - once you start using the new menu you'll find the old one really frustrating..

Wonderful - provided feedback on guthub - its also a black menu for mobile and can be a colorful menu with wordpress :)

I love this! Really enhacnes the user experience, particularly in WordPress. Great Work!