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2013-08-28 11:52
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CiviCRM 4.4.alpha3 was released today, and there's a shiny new beta release of Webform-CiviCRM-Integration 4 to go with it. Here's what's new in Webform-Integration land:

Contact Labels

It's awesome that unlike profile forms, Webforms allow you to put more than one contact on the form. But after you've got a dozen or so, you start lose track of "what they heck are they all for?" This handy feature lets you give them more descriptive labels than "Contact 1" and "Contact 12."


Finally you can add and renew memberships via Webforms. This allows your users to sign up, renew, or upgrade their membership(s) as well as those of their spouse, business associates, or any other contacts.

Helpful Help

Just as Webform-CiviCRM-Integration was getting too many great features to remember them all, the interface got a lot more helpful. Click on all those little blue (?) icons to find out how things work. It really does help :)


Webforms can now accept credit cards! Any on-site credit-card processor supported by CiviCRM ought to work, such as and Paypal Pro. And in true Webform-CiviCRM fashion, your users can pay for lots of stuff at once. Multiple paid events, memberships, and contributions can be mixed and matched on the same form.

Brought to you by the Number 4 and the Letters A and B

As mentioned earlier, this new version takes advantage of all the features of Webform 4 and CiviCRM 4.4, so before you upgrade this module you'll need to upgrade the other two as well. All of these are still in alpha or beta, but Webform 4 is already production ready according to the mainainers (alpha software on live sites -- that's Drupal for you). And CiviCRM 4.4 will be released before you know it. Why not help speed things along and participate in release testing? Get yourself the latest CiviCRM 4.4, Webform-CiviCRM 4, and let us know how it works.

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hmm - "Any on-site credit-card processor supported by CiviCRM ought to work" - so, not offsite. I guess I didn't think of that when I told people about the upcoming developments

I really have no idea how one could hijack the webform submission and force a redirect to an external site and back again, but that's not to say it would be impossible. Let me know if you have any ideas.

Anonymous (not verified)
2013-08-31 - 14:06

Is Stripe considered "on-site"?

If the user enters their credit card on the CiviCRM form and not on some external website, then yes.

Hey guys, we have kept it a little quiet but we did a bespoke module for a client to use paypal standard with webform a little while ago. Thats a "send off to another site and site and hope the IPN comes back" type job. It's pretty bespoke but happy to share the code Eileen if you think you can use it... pop me an email



Anonymous (not verified)
2013-09-06 - 01:13

I have tried using - "On Behalf of Organizaiton" option in contribution pages. However, it does not show the option through webform payments.

"On Behalf of Organizaion" shows the list of organization to which the user has "Permissioned relationship".

"Permissioned relationship" means, that the logged in user must have a "Empoyee of " relationship and should be able to Update the organization records. This is very specific.  

Coleman, while you brought it so far, is it possible that webform payments can make it for all organization in a group, and without any "permissioned relationship".