Thursday, July 14, 2005 - 19:41
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CiviCRM 1.0 Beta has been released in Polish and English. We have a bunch of other translations that have been started on our translation server. Current translations in progress include: Spanish (Español) Thai ( ไทย), Khmer Brasilian Portuguese (Português) Polish took about 24 person-hours to do the translation, so we expect each language would require a similar level of effort. Khmer and Thai are particularly exciting since they demonstrate that we can support non-roman alphabets. The next step is to support non-left-to-right languages like Arabic and Japanese. Special thanks to Michal Mach, a lead partner in the CiviCRM effort and leader of our internationalization efforts. If you are interested in creating and/or helping with a translation, contact Michal directly or send email to and we'll connect you to him. Special thanks to Kakada Hok & Klai Kong who we met at AdvocacyDev II in Oakland, CA (thanks Aspiration) who helped us with starting the Thai and Khmer translations.