Friday, September 18, 2009 - 17:04
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Sorry for the short notice - but I just got a reminder that the deadline for submission of session suggestions for the 2010 NTC is this coming Monday (9/21). The conference is April 8-10 in Atlanta GA. Many of you have attended in the past - it's a pretty big deal at least for US non-profits. It's definitely a great opportunity for exposure and can be an awesome way to help promote CiviCRM as a project. I would encourage any of you who are interested in seeing CiviCRM related session(s) on the agenda to jump in a submit session suggestions (you can submit several): Submit session suggestions here In general, case study / success stories are well received ("Pump up your online fundraising with open source tools"). You do NOT need to volunteer to lead the session in order to suggest it (altho I suspect that helps) :-) Last years sessions that had some CiviCRM content included: If you do submit sessions - let me know and we'll be sure to blog about them since the next step is a community voting process - and we can encourage folks in the community to vote for your sessions.
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