Lively discussions at the May San Francisco Meetup

2010-05-20 10:39
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About 25 folks gathered at the Wikimedia Foundation offices last night for our May SF meetup. We had a good mix of new and experienced folks, representing both organizations and consultants.

After a brief recap of CiviCon (and some great feedback from folks in the room who were there) - Lobo and I discussed the results and learnings from our recent book and translation sprints.

Then we divided into break-out groups...

  • a newbie group where folks discussed the basic features / deciding whether CiviCRM is right for your organization.
  • a tutorial on Personal Campaign pages, followed by a free-wheeling QA on contribution reporting and the future of invoicing and accounting integration in CiviCRM
  • an advanced QA session w/ Lobo where they some issues that Wikimedia is currently facing, and how to better support analysis of data outside of civicrm. There was also some discussion about dedupe scalability - which is something that Wikipedia will be helping to improve.

As always, it's helpful and fun to get together "live and in person" with folks who are implementing and using the software. Looking forward to our next meetup in July.

Thanks again to Anya, Tomasz, and Daniel at Wikimedia Foundation for hosting and making us all feel so welcome!

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