Monday, January 12, 2009 - 14:00
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Starting with CiviCRM 2.2, your organization can take advantage of an online fundraising strategy that was previously available only to users of one of the large, proprietary (and expensive) online fundraising solutions. I've spent the last few days working with our new Personal Campaign pages feature - and I'm quite excited about the potential it has to help our users take their online fundraising to the next level. When you enable Personal Campaign Pages ("PCP's") for any existing CiviContribute online contribution page - your donors will be invited to "become supporters" by creating their own donation "portal". Getting started with PCP's involves just a few simple steps: To see what it's like for your constituents to create a fundraising pages - go to our sample page, and click the "Create your own Personal Campaign Page" link. Our goal in designing this feature is to make the experience of creating a PCP quick and easy - while still giving each supporter the ability to really personalize their "site" and convey a compelling message. Please take some time to explore this new feature and get us your feedback. We have a few more tweaks "in progress" for alpha 2 - and if there's simple things we can do to make it even friendlier / more useful - we'll do our best to get those in prior to the stable release. Also check out Michal's blog for another perspective on Personal Campaign pages.
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Is there any possibility of a backport to D5 for an of this new, cool stuff? Many of us are stuck in D5 and will be for awhile - at least until more modules make the jump. Thanks for the great work - dying to use it!

we just dont have the energy/resources to backport and support multiple versions of Drupal (or mysql/php/joomla)

however we'd be happy to support and help if folks in the community want to work on the backporting project


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Hi Dave

When we go to donate to a PCP, there is a provision for the donor to create an account.

What if we do not want this option.  the person who owns the PCP has an account but we don't want the donors to the PCP having an account.

Is this possible to set up?



This behavior depends on the configuration of the Profile(s) used on the online contribution page linked to the PCP. Under that profile's Settings > Advanced Settings - you'll find a radio button for this behavior "Create User Account" - not offered, optional, required. Jump on IRC if this is still not clear.