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2011-09-19 08:41
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Last Friday we had the first CiviCRM marketing meeting on irc. Nine people contributed and a couple more were unable to attend due to being on trains or planes. It felt like a good starting point and some encouraging thoughts came out of it. This is a quick synopsis. A few Case Studies were pledged and there was some discussion of the form these should take. Rayogram are going to review this and possibly make a couple of image fields required so that future case studies have more visual impact. Anything required should be simple to obtain by case study providers. They're working on making this as simple as possible for end users. We talked a bit about existing materials - there are a few docs at which I had previously produced. Alejandro offered to translate some of these into Spanish. We noted that some AmericaniZation might help. If anyone wants to jump in and produce further local versions or simply update the existing content please just comment what you do. If you have an alternative presentation or other document that is much snazzier/more visually engaging etc. please share it on the Spread The Word page. If we start getting loads of files here, we'll have to come up with some kind of classification system :) If you don't have enough permissions on your account for anything just ask We're going to work on a comparison matrix of CiviCRM and other databases using a Google doc that Jane Beck shared. There was some discussion of events and a few people are already lined up to represent Civi in London, San Francisco and Argentina over the next few months. Nobody so far has stepped up to run sessions at DrupalCon and we'll no doubt talk more about that next time. An exhibitor stall at NTEN was also proposed - perhaps staffed by a group of consultants under the Civi banner. If you haven't done so do vote for civi-related sessions at NTEN listed here We generally agreed that the timing (3pm GMT on Fridays) is good and that we should aim to make it a fortnightly event. To be awkward the next one will be on Monday 3rd October! Hopefully we'll get into more of the new website, think about organisations to court and publicity opportunities, sector specific documentation and anything else that you'd like to suggest. You can read the full transcript on form 15:00 onwards. More importantly, if you feel you can offer anything to this process, please comment on this blog and/or attend the next meetup.
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2012-04-04 - 11:23

Hi Dave,


What is the current status of your marketing group? Can I become a member?