PDFs and PPTs

There are a range of materials that can be distributed to organisations interested in CiviCRM. These are currently available on http://civicrm.org/content/spreadtheword

Anyone is welcome to take these, adapt them for their own purposes and distribute. We should be thinking about whether the content is appropriate and getting them translated into more languages to help penetration into areas where English is not the first or predominant language.

Training Videos

Following a couple of discussions of this, the consensus seems to be that having good coordinated training materials is important to a maturing product to give confidence to organisations buying into the ecosystem. The doumentation has moved along considerably in the new book and this structure seems a reasonable place to start for creating a set of training videos. 

Anyone currently working on video?

Marketing Follow-up

Last Friday we had the first CiviCRM marketing meeting on irc. Nine people contributed and a couple more were unable to attend due to being on trains or planes. It felt like a good starting point and some encouraging thoughts came out of it. This is a quick synopsis.