CiviDay Berlin

2014-01-30 13:02
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The CiviDay meetup in Berlin was organised by "Software für Engagierte e.V.", a german association of CiviCRM using organisations, who want to join forces in order to improve the localisation. And the event was a pretty good success: 12 participants representing 9 different organisations, most of them new to CiviCRM, showed up.

Ronald Pabst, Detlev Sieber and Olaf Buddenhagen (antrik) from Software für Engagierte gave a presentation of CiviCRM and answered several questions. Fabian Sachs, hosting provider from Bonn, presented his new full service hosting offering for CiviCRM.

And the outcomes: Great discussions, great inputs, and most probably two new organisations using CiviCRM!


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