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CiviCRM version 5.13.0 is now out and ready to download. Please note that the next CiviCRM security release is expected on 15th May. It is going to be a point release of 5.13. 
One of big improvements in 5.13.0 is being able to use mysql lock handling for 5.7 MySQL sites - see this PR for more details.


Big thanks to Andrew Hunt and Alice Frumin from AGH Strategies for putting up together release notes for this version. 
The release notes for 5.13.0 can be accessed here.


The complete list of 5.13.0 contributors (it's a huge team!) can be found here. Thanks to everyone for making this release happen!
This version includes:
  1. Changes to database schema
  2. API changes
  3. New features
  4. Fixes to bugs
  5. Fix problems installing or upgrading to a previous version
  6. Potential changes to configuration options



  •  Core CiviCRM updates:

Configurable menubar color (13996)

v5.12 introduced a new menu bar. The change also revised the default color scheme (applying a more contemporary palette), but this created stress for some users who were trained to recognize the old menu color. This exposes a new setting for customizing the color scheme, and it changes the default to match previous scheme (be black instead of beige).

Menu config screen improvements (14002)
Improves the Menu configuration screen by: making changes to the menu (adding or editing menu items) on the admin screen be reflected immediately, adding links to the related settings pages to reduce confusion about how to configure various aspects of the menu bar and fixing the broken icon picker and missing CiviCRM icon.

Added a DB check to prevent deleting exisiting CiviCRM data from database. (13944)

When installing CiviCRM this change adds a check to see if there are existing CiviCRM tables and requires users to manually remove any CiviCRM tables before continuing to prevent users from accidentally deleting tables.



  • CiviContribute 

Add cancel_reason field to civicrm_contribution_recur table (dev/core#8301393013999, and 14164)

Adds a recur cancel reason field civicrm_contribution_recur.cancel_reason field.


Support paying refunds (dev/financial#3813952) BEGINS WORK

Adds a PaymentProcessor.refund API which makes it possible for payment processor extension authors to have their extensions issue refund payments.


  • CiviMember

Membership form address fields for payment processors (13802)

Standardizes processing and validating address parameters on the Membership form.


This release also includes a number of bug fixes and other improvements, so please check the complete list of changes by following this link.



If you are installing CiviCRM 5.13.0 from scratch, please use the corresponding automated installer instructions:
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