2010-09-05 15:10
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Jim Goodman (not verified)
2010-09-08 - 10:32

Hi Eileen,

We are a few years down the track with MIH's and so is Kickstarter, both projects are going strong.

I understand that Kickstarter was considered to crowdfund development but we chose to run MIH on because of more flexible administration of the funds. i.e. The Kickstarter model's drawback is that it is all or nothing.

What Kickstarter has in it's favour is critical mass. It has a much larger base of small-scale philanthropists. This is the kind of supporter that would be brilliant to have more of.

Now, I am not 100% sure that it hasn't already been tried, but do we think that it's time to setup a trial with a view to running Kickstarter and MIH in parallel on some projects?