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2011-08-23 13:53
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Just one day after arrving back from weeks of holidays I found myself in the train from Brummen (The Netherlands) to London for CiviCon 2011, of which we were proud Silver sponsors. We arrived in time, and it was great to meet my API friends Xavier Dutoit and Eileen McNaughton (who I had never met IRL) and Kurund Jalmi and Yashodha Chaku from the CiviCRM Core team.


Monday morning we had a quick coffee with a pain chocolat (yes, it was London) and walked to Skills Matter, the venue for the CiviCon. After a spirited kick off by Kurund Jalmi and Dave Greenberg, the sessions started. In the morning I attended an interesting CiviEngage session by Xavier Dutoit and Alice Aguilar, and co-presented the API session with Xavier Dutoit (yes, he was on stage almost all day :-)) and Eileen McNaughton. Apart from the sessions it was also very good to see such a large crowd and meet all the Civi enthousiast from over the globe.

After lunch I was proud to see Krista Brouwer and Annet Lugtenberg from De Goede Woning present their CiviCRM project, with CiviCase and synchronization with an Oracle application. As we supported their implementation it was really nice to see how well they did! My final session was the Ajax magic by Xavier Dutoit, showing his CiviMobile initiative which will hopefully be further developed with support from lots of interested parties. A couple of beers and tapas with lots if Civi boys and girls was a perfect end to a very enjoyable and interesting CiviCon!

Special thanks to all the volunteers who organized the CiviCon in such a wonderful and smooth way!


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