CiviCRM Community Handbook

2022-01-31 07:36
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HeatherOliver - member of the CiviCRM community - view blog guidelines

I'm excited to share that there is now a CiviCRM Community Handbook.

The Community Council created this space for the entire CiviCRM community to pull together and better structure community policies whether relating to development workflows, behaviour, use of community spaces/resources or anything else community related. I'd like to say a specific thank you to Mikey O'Toole for taking the time to set up the framework for this space.

We encourage everyone to get involved in developing and building this resource. Details of how to edit the handbook can be found in the handbook itself, or here:

To start the guide off, we have posted our collaboratively developed CiviCRM Community Blog Guidelines:

As we say in our blog guidelines, "The greatest strength of the CiviCRM Community is the diversity of voices and points of view.", so please get involved!

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