CiviHR: Tells us what your ideal applicant management system would do

2016-09-22 06:39
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Our goal has always been for CiviHR to be both affordable in price and comprehensive in features. In pursuit of the latter, our attention is now turning to the planning of the Recruitment module.

We know recruitment is a time consuming, but essential part of the HR process. We want to design set of features that will make an HR manager’s life easier by automating such things as emailing candidates, scheduling interviews, and collaborating internally on the hiring process.

We would love to find out from you what you would need an applicant tracking system to do.

Every few months we organise a Focus Group and invite charities and businesses to come to our offices for a few hours and talk to us about HR. This October 26th we will be hosting a Recruitment Focus Group at the Compucorp offices in Shoreditch.

And so, we are recruiting anyone willing to spare some time to share their own recruitment practices with us and to tell us what sort of recruitment features you would like to see included.

We want to hear your feedback so that we can develop a system that will be useful to HR managers in  non-profits everywhere. We’re looking for recruitment stories, the thought process that goes into hiring someone, and what tools would make your life easier when recruiting.

Here is a snippet of the type of questions that will lead our discussion:

  • Would you like to be able to share new positions on social media, straight from CiviHR?

  • When you get CVs, how do you filter or go through them?

  • Should applicants be able to autofill information straight from their Linkedin profiles?

Register here to attend

We look forward to seeing you there.

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