Coming soon... Sales tax (including VAT) and Invoicing for CiviCRM

2014-09-08 06:52
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Pencil and squared paper at the ready CiviCRM is about to get a little more boring...

Yes thats right, over the past few months Compucorp have been working with Web Access, JMA consulting and the Core Team to beef up Civi's accounting integration by providing support for Sales Taxes for CiviCRM. But wait there's more...

Now with full support for Sales taxes it made sense to go the whole hog and produce legally valid invoices and tax receipts. That means, Civi now understands more accounting concepts and can provide better support for organisations with more complex Accounting, Sales Tax and Invoicing needs. No more tracking invoices over in your accounting system and then manually updating your CRM, now all of this is integrated into one neat Civi shaped package simplifying (or removing the need for) costly accounting integrations or manual data imports.

Of course you can optionally turn all this off and keep using Civi and your existing accounting system if none of this is for you.

So what will it do?

CiviCRM now supports percentage based sales taxes on sales. Each line item (field) can now be subject to a different sales tax percentage. Sales tax amounts are automatically applied to a Sales tax creditor account. Sales tax amounts can be exported using the usual accounting export and reporting functions. Contributions, Events tickets, Memberships and Price sets for each are all supported.

And the invoicing?

That means that optionally you can allow Civi to produce legal invoices for purchases. Invoices are automatically generated for each Contribution and sequentially numbered. Invoices can be automatically emailed after purchase and are also neatly integrated with the contact dashboard allowing your supporters to download a tax invoice (or legal tax receipt) for payments that they have made or are due. The administrator can download an invoice, email an invoice to a contact or do both of these in bulk from the search actions. In any case a record is kept of the invoice as an activity against the contact. Pending payment, refunds and cancellations of contributions are all supported with appropriate invoices and credit notes being created.

Support for Sales Taxes and invoices will be coming to a CiviCRM near you very soon... sorry you may need to give your accountant a call!


Anonymous (not verified)
2014-09-08 - 13:16

Hi, this is very good. Is it going to be available in the core code or in an extension? When is the release planned?

Thanks! Congratulations for the work!

Outstanding! Looking forward to giving this a spin.