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We’re almost 3 weeks into the release of version 4.6 and, based on today’s stats, it’s been downloaded from 1,839 times. We’d break 2,000 downloads easily if we added in those from SourceForge, however for the sake of this post, I’m interested only in those from the CiviCRM website because that’s where we’ve promoted a campaign to donate before downloading the latest version.

This download campaign is part of a bigger plan and need for sustainability that CiviCRM initiated in early 2013. There’ve been quite a number of blog posts and discussions about sustainability, with the latest post highlighting that we’re not sustainable, yet. We’re getting there, but too slowly. Just like most every organization that uses CiviCRM, we have to work various contact points, messages, and mediums to position our asks for support in order to maximize their effectiveness. If that resonates with you, then you know how challenging it can be.

So, how is this download campaign doing?

To date, approximately 2% of all users that downloaded 4.6 from CiviCRM have donated, resulting in $2,159.00 total. This is a fine start and we’re super thankful for those that have supported this campaign already. With only a few weeks left, we’re going to continue to push this campaign in hopes of breaking the $5,000 mark. That may be ambitious, however it’s necessary if we’re going to shift CiviCRM to a community-funded project and make it sustainable.

We’d need the pace of achieving sustainability to pick up, and soon. If you plan to download or already have, please consider supporting CiviCRM. As an open source project, you own more than just the software. You own its ongoing success and its future potential.

There are lots of ways to support CiviCRM 

Make a donation when you download, sign up for monthly giving, become a member, become a partner, or just make a one time donation. All of these bring the entire CiviCRM ecosystem closer to sustainability. Thank you for your support!

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