Quarterly Community Round Table - July 27th

2021-07-26 05:17
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Join the Community Council and the Core Team for the 2nd Quarterly Community Round Table tomorrow, July 27th (or 28th, depending on your time zone). There will be two sessions to accommodate various time zones (links below up a Time Zone converter):

  1. US / EU - 1pm UTC (6am US PT / 2pm BST)
  2. US / APAC - 11pm UTC (4pm PT / 9am AET +1 day)

These sessions are intended to be discussions, however we’ll follow a loose agenda that looks something like:

  1. Brief update - 5 - 10 mins for community council, 5 - 10 mins for core team
    1. Brief recap of past quarter
    2. Forward looking update about what's forthcoming
    3. Brief financial update, including project funding opportunities
  2. Open forum (i.e. "round table") - 40 - 50 mins
    1. ask for feedback, questions in advance. Start with a google form to capture input, expose answers publicly so users can view them in advance.

For those interested, the latest quarterly P&L (with comparison periods) for the Core Team can be found here.

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