Introducing Webform CiviCRM - contains newly released video/tutorials 🎉

2021-11-23 10:25
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Imagine you have a ‘contact us’ or 'sign-up for our newsletter' or 'register for our next event' form on your website. How much time would you save if each webform submission would be automatically recorded in your CiviCRM database? What if you could automatically dispatch emails, renew memberships, add contact tags, etc. as that data is being saved? Full website CiviCRM integration provides organizations with an opportunity to optimize their workflows and significant time savings. If you're importing any kind of data from your website into your CiviCRM on a regular basis you will want to have a look at Webform CiviCRM integration!

Webform CiviCRM integration is a FREE (no license fees) 100% open-source powerful, flexible, user-friendly form builder for CiviCRM. Originally written by Coleman Watts of the CiviCRM core team, and now co-maintained by Semper IT and Fuzion and supported by the CiviCRM community. Over 3,100 sites are already using it 🥳

Our Semper IT Summer students (Aayush and Aashirbad) put two video/tutorials together for you: one video on Contacts (11min 40sec) and one video on Contributions (12min 09sec). Both Videos include captions.

Check them out and let me know if you like them! Feedback can be provided here ->

Is this a sustainable solution?

  • Yes! Webform CiviCRM module is here to stay. It is a bridge between Drupal's incredibly powerful Webform module and CiviCRM. Webform module (like all Drupal modules) is FREE (no license fees), is used on major sites (hospitals, car manufactures) and is used by >400k sites. It is a very stable module for us to build the Webform CiviCRM bridge on.

Where to find us

Want to know more about Webform CiviCRM?

  • Whether you're an end user or a CiviCRM Partner we'd be happy to talk with you to explore if adopting Webform CiviCRM is right for you! You can drop us an email here ->
  • Previous CiviCRM blog post: click here

Do this 👇 with without any custom code (a 100% open source solution):

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