University of Minnesota Foundation's Crowdfunding Platform Leads to Increased Fundraising and Engagement

2016-04-04 13:39
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Peer-to-peer fundraising is a hot topic these days. With many different options in the marketplace, it can be hard to choose one that'll work with existing software and have all the features you need for a successful campaign.

University of Minnesota FoundationThe University of Minnesota Foundation (UMF) needed a robust, scalable crowdfunding platform to accommodate the diverse range of causes and interests of the more than 66,000 students on seven campuses. In addition to standard crowdfunding features, they wanted several customizations to boost the power of team and personal campaign pages, plus integration with their accounting software.

After UMF's crowdfunding site launched, giving shot up by 350% and attracted the attention of many first-time donors. The new crowdfunding website empowers supporters to create personalized fundraising web pages to share with their family and friends in just a few simple steps.

Skvare customized the site to suit UMF’s specifications, adding many new features by extending CiviCRM and Drupal software. They employed the Search API with Drupal Views to accurately find and display some of the more than 400 campaign pages. Skvare also created a new Drupal module, Views CiviCRM Expose Tables, to clearly display all the participant and team page information.

The University of Minnesota Foundation’s crowdfunding website is a prime example of the type of large-scale, flexible solutions that can be developed with open-source tools.

To learn more about this crowdfunding project or other CiviCRM solutions, please visit Skvare.