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We held our second CiviCon in Chicago on Monday Mar 7, 2011 at TechNexus. We had an amazing turnout of 100+ community members. CiviCon 2011 was made possible by a great group. I'd personally like to acknowledge and thank the folks who made this possible...

  • Young-Jin Kim and Matthew Vincenz from emphanos for being such great hosts and coordinating a large part of the logistics for the event.
  • Mary Kay Bianchi and SNTial Technologies for helping with the logistics of the event and sponsoring drinks and food at the after party :)
  • The Gold sponsors: Rooty Hollow, Ninjitsu Web Development, Web Access and CivicActions
  • The Silver and Bronze sponsors for helping make the event happen.

One of the important aspects of the event, was the time for us to reflect on how the project has grown over the past year along with the contributions made by community members from across the globe. CiviCRM's growth and success as a project is due to strong and nurturing community that surrounds it. A big tip of the hat to members of the community who have made significant contributions to the project this last year:

  • Eileen McNaughton from Fuzion for creating and spearheading the Make It Happen Initiative.
  • The API team aka the A Team: Xavier Dutoit from Tech to the People, Erik Hommel from EE at Work, Eileen McNaughton, and Andreas Hennings for working on API Version 3.
  • Michael McAndrew from Third Sector Design for coordinating the CiviCRM Book and CiviCRM events in the UK and planning CiviCon Europe 2011.
  • Kyle Jaster from Rayogram for all the Javascript / CSS improvements.
  • Chang Xiao from emotive for CiviMail scaling and reporting improvements.
  • Xavier Dutoit for the new CiviPetition component and event name badges (which we enjoyed at CiviCon).
  • Paul Antonoides and David Moreton from Circle Interactive for spearheading the Case Studies project.
  • Brian Shaugnessy from Lighthouse Consulting and Elin Waring for improving our Joomla! Integration.
  • Stuart Gaston from Korlon, Hershel Robinson from CiviHosting and Peter Davis from Fuzion for their awesome help for other community members on the forums.

The next CiviCon will be in Europe (London, UK) in late August 2011. See you then :)

Kyle Jaster showing off "CiviMobile" (built using API v3!)


Stuart Gaston sharing tips on UI Customization

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