CiviCRM v1.7 update ....

2007-03-01 12:48
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We did manage to hit the code freeze and branch date of Feb 26th. v1.7 is now off and living in its own branch. If you are using svn to get the latest version of the code base, make sure you switch to the v1.7 branch (svn switch is a useful command) We currently have 5 open issues for v1.7. This number should come down to 2 or 3 before the end of the week. We've been focussing a lot on trying to increase the quality of our releases over the past few releases. We still have ways to go but we are improving and getting better with each subsequent release. Our current QA plan in addition to random testing of all features by developers is as follows
  • Test and verify that we have not re introduced any issues filed for the v1.6 release. The person testing it is typically different from the developer who fixed the issue
  • Verify that all v1.7 issues filed have been fixed as specified
  • Run all unit tests (api related) and ensure 100% success rate. If not, either fix the code or fix the test.
  • Run all selenium tests (browser based) and ensure 100% success rate. If not, either fix the code or fix the test.
We have been increasing the number of unit and selenium tests and need to get even more rigorous with it. Potentially add either of those tests for any new issues filed. The main concern is the "db" state needed to reproduce an issue which differs for different issues. If folks have thoughts on how to improve the quality of our releases / code, let us know. If you can contribute resources and/or expertise that would be even better
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