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Mark Tompsett, active member of the CiviCRM community passed away August 13, 2014.  Here's an excerpt about his passing in the Questors Choir - Eagling Facebook Page:  "Sadly last night Mark passed away. He came through a very long operation successfully and was recovering when a blood clot caused cardiac arrest. He did not respond to CPR."
Members of our community remember Mark:
“He'll be sadly missed, top bloke and pillar of #civicrmcommunity. RIP Mark.” Owen Bowden
“Mark was a strong advocate and always active on social media in support of CiviCRM. That’s where I knew him really, although we did meet at the London CiviCon a couple of times. Always a shock when someone so clearly passionate and full of life dies. I look forward to raising a glass in celebration of his life and his contribution to the CiviCRM community in London in September."  Graham Mitchell
"Mark brought curiosity, patience, tenacity, and kindness to every conversation. He was passionate about teaching, learning, and sharing. He made the world a better place."  Tim Otten
"I can't remember what we discussed, but Mark came round for a chat to where I was staying before CiviCon 2013 and we had a great discussion, a very surprising shock."  Chris Ward
"Mark was always super keen to make things happen and really pushed things forward for CiviCRM in the UK. He was always involved with the London meet ups, and started lots of other initiatives, including co-working days, getting service providers together to attend conferences on CiviCRM's behalf, and more. Great job, Mark! You'll be missed."   Michael McAndrew
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