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The Texas Home School Coalition (THSC) is the state organization for homeschooling dedicated to serving the homeschool community of Texas. THSC had an existing portal with limited integration to CiviCRM.  THSC wanted to offer members a place where they could go and manage information about themselves and their family members while interacting directly with the data in CiviCRM.  To accomplish this, BackOffice Thinking created a custom portal environment using Drupal and CiviCRM.   The new portal offers enhanced functionality with more areas of integration with CiviCRM while reducing the amount of administrative burden on THSC staff.
Traditionally, only members accessed the portal but with the new solution, both members and non-members can access the portal through a login.  When logged in, different functions are displayed depending upon membership status.
Both members and non-members can do things like:
  • Manage their own address and demographic data.
  • Manage their household members - view, edit, add or remove members.
  • View membership, donation, and event registration history.
  • Make a donation, renew membership or join as a new member.
  • Update profile information related to an event registration for both themselves and those they have registered.
  • Choose to add-on items to the registration
  • Manage newsletter subscription
Members only can:
  • Print membership ID cards for themselves and the members of their family.
  • View member-only content.
The new portal allows the constituents to manage their own household members and contact information, view, and edit important event registration information and re-engage with THSC through many of the new features.  This allows THSC staff to focus less time on data management and more time on moving forward their mission.
THSC Portal


Looks nice, have you got a bigger screenshot?

Just replaced with a larger screenshot.  Thanks!