Bitcoin payments for CiviCRM

2019-05-06 07:18
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This extension integrates the Bitpay payment processor with CiviCRM and allows you to accept payments that can be paid in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.


MJW Consulting were approached by the Calyx Institute to develop a replacement for the old bitcoin extension that was no longer supported.


Download the extension from the extension directory here:

Setup is straightforward, you have to setup an account at, "pair" your system with their API and add the payment processor to one or more contribution pages.  On the contribution page you select items to pay for in the normal way, then on the "Thankyou" page a bitpay invoice is displayed:

For detailed setup instructions please see


This extension was funded by the Calyx Institute:

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Previous bitpay extension:


By the way, MJW Consulting have rebranded!  We now have new logo and a new website in English and Portuguese at thanks to