Tuesday, May 11, 2010 - 06:08
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I am working on an import guide to help organizations match fields to CiviCRM's standard fieldsets. I noticed that the existing ERDs are pretty outdated. The new database schema is pretty large for one map so I decided to create a map for contacts. When I get finished with the mapping guide I will post that as well.
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Thanks, very useful.

Are you working on 3.2 schema ?

Also, could you post that directly to the wiki? the blog seems to have difficulties to handle big images


I can create one for 3.2 if that's helpful.

Where is the best place to post this on the wiki?

This comment superseded by the above but I can't seem to delete it!

Thanks for this really useful contribution.

It would be great to get the 3.2 ERD up too!

I have quickly created a page where you can contribute the 3.2 ERD here:

Thanks for your great contribution to the development community!

Community Builders Australia

I thought I would give you a hand to share the ERDs so have created and uploaded the above to it.

Please feel free to edit the page with the additional ERDs and replace your username with your real name ;-).

Hope that helps - thanks for yours!

Community Builders Australia

really nice work!

This is always very useful - the rest of the tables will be a welcome addition if you can get to them too.

In the past, this has been put on the wiki in the development section. You'll notice that 1.7 and 2.0 ERDs are children of - keeping this really central architectural documentation more up to date would be really great for many people, especially as we see more people trying to write their own reports, etc.

Thanks again.


Nice work indeed! Very useful, many thanks!!!

What do you use to create those with?

Hey Matthew,

Nice work - I had the same idea and made some similar ERDs
about a month ago :) we even used the same program. I put them on
this page:
- I guess I should have put ERD in the title to help people find them :)

I also added some extra comments to the ERDs to introduce them.

I seperated out contacts from groups and tags and also did ERDs for
the other common elements. We should work out a way to put these together.

Given that we now have a versioned wiki, we don't need to version
these diagrams or keep copies of the old ERDs, which is cool :)

Very useful ERD, and as far as I know created by the MySQL Workbench ( It allows you to create a model from an existing database, which is a bit complicated if you do it for the entire CiviCRM database. But you can also put each individual table on a diagram. I am quite happy the contact one is done (and hoping it will be updated for 3.2). I will stick some more on in the coming weeks, and if you want particular flavors give me a shout!

Am I being completely stupid?  I can't find the ERDs. 

Are they downloadable or is there supposed to be a link to them?


Mark  :-(


PS  I have found out how to use the 'Reverse Engineer' feature of MySQL Workbench so I can construct them for myself, but it would be great if they had already been done.